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best dog food

Most of the dog’s owners feed their dog dry kibble or some feed wet canned food. It is possible that this processed food might not appeal to us, but they need all the nutrients, protein and mineral which is required to maintain the health of a dog. A proper diet is the basic need of the dog which is the responsibility of dog ownership. A perfect diet can stay your dog healthy and happy. But it is difficult to choose the best dog food in the market because there are thousands of options. Dont be confused we discuss all the things which you need to consider before buying the best food for your dog.

Dog Nutrition

Do you know that all the dogs required different nutrient needs according to his age! For example, a small dog has a different requirement from dog food as compared to senior dogs. Most of the dog’s owner feed their dogs processed kibble and wet canned food because they are not strictly carnivores so they can get their nutrition need from meat as well as fruits, grains, and vegetables. So it’s mean that all the non-meat ingredients are not fillers.

You have to know that the best dog food brand uses the highest quality and dog-friendly ingredients. For instance, nowadays are a new trend in our market of grain-free dog food. Grains are not bad for our dogs unless they have a grain allergy. Dogs can eat grain to get wholesome nutrition.

Protein In Food

Dogs require protein for their food. Proteins help to maintain the body tissues and dog’s muscles. Do you know that! According to the research dog’s body produces 13 amino acids out of 23 for protein synthesis, so we have to provide high protein food to the dog which helps the dog to produce the other 10 amino acids to get proper growth.

Consider Dog’s Age

Just consider that dogs in different life stages, he’ll require different certain nutrients and vitamins which help your dog to stay healthy and happy. Vitamin B12 in dog’s nutrition is great for puppies which helps puppy in development and growth. Phosphorus, Calcium and vitamin D are very useful to make strong dog’s bone and teeth. So you have to be sure if your dog is in the teething phase give him these three vitamins. If you have a senior dog then you have to give a senior dog food which contains a small kibble size to eat easily.

Dry vs Wet Food

If you are looking for the best food for your dog which contains all the nutrients, both dry and wet can be good food for your dog. Choosing the food wet or dry is the personal preference of the dog. Some dog parent prefers wet food because when it’s served they eat better and on the other hand, some people prefer dry food because you can leave this food in a dish for a long time without spoiling and it’s easier to eat up. Wet food can be the right option for you if your dog doesn’t drink so much water. But both dry and wet delivers the all nutrients which your dog required.

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