The 8 Best Dog Nail Clipper Of 2020


best dog nail clipper

Once your dog’s nail becomes too long so your dog can face very serious health problems, including foot infection. To prevent your dog from happening this then you have to choose the best dog nail clipper to trim your dog’s nail on a regular basis.

You can take your dog to the salon or can clip at home too by using the dog nail clipper. The second option is less expensive as compared to taking to the salon. Fortunately, trimming your dog’s nail is very easy as it seems. Just you have to choose the best dog nail clippers for your dog. Dogsrover also reviews the best cheap dog food go & check it out!

Nail clippers for the dog are available in several types of different forms. Some are better for small breeds and others for large dogs.

But now it’s a challenge to find the best dog nail clippers of your pup because there are hundreds of dog clippers for choosing so it can be a difficult task to choose the right option for your dog.


After a detailed discussion with pet groomers and checking the 50+ dog nail clippers, Dogrover’s team finds out the 8 best nail clippers for dogs based on ease of use, features, customer reviews, and other buying considerations.


1.GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with 1 Nail File

best dog nail clippers

If your dog has a thick and hard nail then it is painful to cut. GoPets Nail Clipper comes with the built-in safety guard and sensor, so the dog owner can be sure to free from any damage. This dog nail clipper is available in both sizes; small and large so you can use this clipper on the large dog or small dogs.

It is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel which is 3.5 mm thick, and its blade gives a clean and quick cut. Its high-quality blade will stay sharp after a long time and the design offers an advanced level of safety. Its nonslip handle is comfortable to hold and prevent from the slip-up. The quick guard of this clipper prevents your dog’s nail from overcutting.

Key Facts
Clean Cut
Safe & Easy To Use
3.5mm Thick
Available in 2 sizes

Verified Review

“These clippers are perfect. I wasn’t positive about cut-out my dog’s hooks, however, the sharpness of these, and the watchman which prevents you from cutting off something over the top, are superb, and the activity was finished rapidly and no problem at all. My dog isn’t excessively attached to the procedure, yet he wasn’t generally mindful of the procedure by any means. The expense of the clippers was very little more than having them cut by a custodian or medical attendant. I’m presently certain I can do this routinely, and the composed and email directions helped a great deal.”

GoPets Nail Clippers has received 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 19.00$

2.Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer for Dogs, Standard Size

best dog nail trimmer

Safari Professional Nail Clippers is one of the best dog nail clippers which received 5100+ reviews on Amazon. It is made with stainless steel which provides a smooth and comfortable performance. Blades sharp cutting edge & highest longevity gives clean and quick cut. Trimming your dog nail is a moral duty of a dog owner and have to make sure to select the best dog nail trimmer for your dog. This clipper contains 2 rubber-coated handles to have an easy grip. Most of the dog owners recommended this clipper due to its low price, guaranteed quality and traditional design.

Key Facts
Durable & Long Lasting
Stainless Cutting Edge
Prevent Injury
Rubber Coated Handles

Most Helpful Review

“I had never cut my dogs’ nails – I was constantly jumpy about hitting the brisk, so I let the vet specialists do it. I got the little/medium (likewise called “customary”) size of these clippers for my 65lb Labrador, and they are SO natural to utilize on the off chance that you set up the watchman. Utilizing the watchman is a decent guide for how much (or rather how little) to trim, yet additionally, it forestalls any mishaps if the dog recoils as you trim.”

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 11.49 $

3.Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper(Best For Large Dogs)

best dog nail trimmers

Epica manufactured a professional pet nail clipper that has stainless and sharp blades that are perfect for large dog nail. The design ensures that they will give a perfect and clean-cut, So after the purchase of this clipper, you will not have to take your dog to the salon.

Epica nail clipper is made with stainless steel which will give benefit till years. The handle is made according to human hands and coated with rubber which makes this clipper non-slip. This nail clipper is designed for strong nails of a large dog, so you don’t need to use excessive force on it.

Key Facts
Precise Cutting
Life Time Warranty
Prevent Injury
Rubber Coated

Verified Review

“Anticipated a bigger pair. The organization was superb. Be that as it may, these little folks have become my top choice. I’m an expert dog custodian, so trust me I put these through a lot of hardship and they’re incredible.”

Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper has received 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 9.95 $

4.Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

best cheap dog nail clipper

Millers Forge Nail Clipper is one of the best cheap dog nail clippers. When it come to clipping it is very effective as compared to another clipper at this price tag. It is designed for large breeds of dogs. It gives a clean and quick cut.

But the problem in this clipper is that it is very hard so your hand can get tired when you clip nails. But according to its price, it is very durable and long-lasting.

Key Facts
High-Quality Steel
Rubber Coated

Most Helpful Review

“We have a mastiff. At the point when the opportunity arrived to supplant our clippers, we originally went to Petco and bought the most costly pair they sell. We cut one nail and speedily brought them back. We supplanted them with these clippers and have been satisfied. These clippers feel considerable in your grasp and, in particular, don’t part our dogs’ nails. In the event that you care about your dog, that is a serious deal. This merit the buy.”

Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 7.99 $

5.Resco Original Deluxe Dog Clippers

best nail trimmer for dogs

If you are using a scissor clipper and had trouble with it then Resco Original clipper is the right choice for you. They do not offer safety guard, so you have to be careful but this type of clipper gives a perfect and clean cut with less force as compared to scissor clipper. This clipper is equipped with an American blade that cuts even a thick blade. You can also change the blade if it gets dull. This dog clipper is available in 2 sizes. It is made with American stainless steel which makes this clipper long-lasting.

Key Facts
Made With American Steel
Lifetime Warranty
Deluxe Grip
Easy To Use

Verified Review

“These are the best clippers I’ve at any point purchased. They are exceptionally sharp and slice through my feline’s paws without harming him – no parting of the paw only a spotless straight cut. The metal circle lets you position the shaper precisely where you need it, not very near the plump part (ouch!) and not very close to the tip of the hook so you would need to cut it twice. The sharpness and exactness of this clipper make hook cutting quick, so less weight on my feline, who doesn’t care for the procedure however it must be finished!”

Resco Original Deluxe Dog Clippers has received 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 29.99 $

6.Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed Clippers With Quick Sensor

best nail clipper for dogs

Hundreds of dog owners are satisfied with this dog clipper across the country. This clipper has received 4.9 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon which is actually a sign of perfect product. It is very easy to use and provides a very clean cut. This dog clipper is designed with heavy-duty material, especially for a large dog. It is manufactured with stainless steel which makes this product precise and quick. It is long-lasting and safe for your dog. This clipper gives a painless experience to your dog.

Key Facts
Anti Slip
Clean Cut
Easy To Use
Painless Experience

Verified Review

“OMG! I can’t disclose to you what number of nail clippers I’ve bought that said it was for huge breed dogs with HUGE toenails that are unbelievably thick and hard yet wouldn’t cut mustard significantly less beast toenails. These at last work and keeping in mind that she despite everything battles me, in any event, I can take care of business. The handles are longer than run of the mill clippers so it gives you much more weight on the shaper and less on your hands. I’m REALLY satisfied with these clippers and would prescribe them for any dog with enormous, hard toenails.”

  • Price 13.99 $

7. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers Free Nail File – Razor Sharp Blades

nail clipper for dog

This dog clipper will groom your dog without taking your dog to the salon. Boshel Clipper is one of the powerful dog clippers in the market and easy to use. This product gain 8500+ reviews with the 4.5 ratings. If you are searching for the powerful clipper which gives a clean and quick cut then this product is right for you. Thanks to the stainless steel blades which is 3.5 mm thick which helps this nail clipper to deliver a brilliant result for years of year.

Key Facts
Stainless Blades
Quick Cut
8500+ Reviews
Painless Experience

Verified Review

“I have purchased clippers before and have been embarrassed that I would cut into my dog’s vein. These have a watchman that just permits a little segment to be cut. I took a gander at each nail, realized that the vein was off track and cut with certainty.”

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers has received 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 12.99$


8.Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Clippers – Stainless Steel Claw Cutters for Dogs

best dog nail clipper

If you are looking for a nail clipper that is comfortable to use then this dog nail clipper is best for you. This clipper also comes with the locking mechanism and one year of warranty as well as a money-back guarantee. This is manufactured by 2 veterinarians so the dog owner can be sure about its quality. This Clipper is very comfortable to use and lightweight. This product has a premium design as well as non-slip rubber at handle for better use.

Key Facts
Comfortable to use
Locking mechanism

Verified Review

“Sharp and solid with a strong nail watch that is incredibly useful for a nail cutting novice like me. I certainly took care of the immense nails of my Dogo Argentino just because. Her nails develop quickly, so we get them cut like clockwork, yet this trimmer costs not exactly a solitary nail trim…I could actually get one of these clippers at regular intervals, use it once, discard it, and still set aside cash. I am happy with my buy and I prescribe the item and the vendor.”

Simply Pets Online Dog Nail Clippers has received 4.6 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Price 16.99$


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